Muslimah weightlifter wins right to compete in modest clothing

Heavy lifting doesn’t unnerve Kulsoom Abdullah, who has helped to throw open the doors for Muslim women in the international weightlifting arena. 

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Mary J. Blige and Lil’ Kim (The Notorious B.I.G.’s Funeral,1997)


Mary J. Blige and Lil’ Kim (The Notorious B.I.G.’s Funeral,1997)



Twitter did a good thing today, please enjoy yourself some #iloveblackwomenbecause


"because it’s natural and I don’t need a reason to"

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Charda Gregory abducted, humiliated, violated, restrained, scalped and tortured. 
If this were reversed, with black police officers who were sworn to uphold peace and justice but instead were documented victimizing a white woman (who was already a victim), this news would have trumped the Olympics!

Truncated version: drugged at a party, abducted to a motel, wakes up during unwanted sexual violation in a motel room full of strangers, fights like hell to escape, motel employee calls the authorities, she gets arrested for destroying motel property and it just gets worst from there.

Every officer who participated in it and even those who witnessed it and did nothing should be punished but instead they just fired the woman?
No rape kit, no police report on the people inside the motel room, no investigation of her claims, no accountability for missing motel entry records, no video from the motel but she gets detained for fourteen days?

(Btw, when did your tax dollars begin purchasing Abu Ghraib type water boarding chairs?)


I get angrier and angrier everyday when I see things like this.

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when you see a cute white boy and wonders if he likes black girls.


when you see a cute black boy and wonder if he likes black girls

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KeKe Palmer on the cover of Bombshell Magazine

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Weave Women

  • Me: *looking through rack at forever 21, minding my own
  • Woman: *staring hella hard at me
  • Me: *walking away from the woman
  • Woman: *follows me* Excuse me, I do hair, and I was just wondering, did you need anyone to give you a perm?
  • Me: -___-
  • Woman: I'm just asking because I don't like to see black girls without their hair combed
  • Me: -_________________________-
  • Woman: Well here's my card, I do hair. I could easily do a sew-in on your hair. You know something else, too, you have a nice face and really nice eyes, with some long hair, you could be beautiful.
  • Me: No, thank-you.
  • Woman: No, please, you need to comb your hair. Why would you leave the house like that?
  • Me: I'm sorry. I don't think I need my hair fried and dyed with a weave to the side to feel good about myself. This is the hair I was born with, and I'm going to keep it that way. While you're trying to hand me a business card, maybe you should take a look at yourself. I have the confidence to fuck what any nigga doesn't like about me. Please, take your fucking card and shove it. Now, watch my NAPPY HEADED ASS walk the fuck away with pride, confidence, and dignity. Oh, and, make sure your track doesn't slip. Fucking moron.
  • Woman: 0:
  • Me: [:


Say Hello To Broadway’s 1st Black Cinderella

Earlier this year Keke made history by becoming the the youngest-ever talk-show host ever at the age of 20! Now she will be making history by being cast as the first ever Black Cinderella on Broadway!!! You heard right Keke will be playing Cinderella on Broadway!!

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Maybe you're just mad because white people have more than you ever will.




if yall have so damn much why do u need to steal from literally every other race on earth?? 



Kiss the pussy, spank the booty.





Trust me, I plan to.

Don’t forget to grab the titty. Pretty sure other chicks love that as well.

Yo I dig it when a chick wraps her thighs around my ears. I like that shit.


I didn’t know dash was about that life


The Many Messages of Andre 3000

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